“Nicole uses the skills and resources she has to put together tasty, healthy, and simple elegant meals. I would highly recommend her for those looking for a valuable, unique, and enjoyable experience in the Santa Cruz area.”

Deron – Catering Client

“Nicole’s genuine sense of intuition and deep emotional understanding of humankind never ceases to astound, inspire and challenge me. I have overwhelming gratitude for the profound effect she has had on my worldview. This woman has changed the way I live my life.”


“Vancouver Island native, Nicole brings the medicine of the Pacific Northwest/Salish land. High priestess, connected to the fairy realm, and a Pisces she is highly intuitive, creative, compassionate, beautiful, and so kind. Nicole officiated my wedding, she has also led me through moon circles, equinox gatherings, medicine wheels, tarot and oracle card readings, guided meditations, and just get to togethers. After every event I leave feeling much more aligned, inspired, connected to nature, grounded and more present- noticing little things here and there. She is like a breath of fresh air. She does the work and therefore is able to help do the work on you/for you!”


“Nicole’s mystical essence is only second to her radiant light. Her reading rejuvenated me in a time of dense darkness – an alchemist in her own right, turned it to light. Thank you Nicole, for reminding me of my own personal power and encouraging me to carry forward as my bad ass self”


“There have been many stressful and concerning events in my life during the last few months which left me with feelings of confusion and a need for direction. I’m so glad that I reached out to Nicole for guidance and advice! Without having to dive to deeply into my problems, she showed great care and consideration for my mental state and was able to to give me a perspective that I found great value in. I was so impressed with the time she took to really align herself with my spirit and dedicate her energy to my reading.
Of course her work doesn’t provide the simple solution to whatever’s going on, but rather supplies you with the insight, perspective shift, and inspiration to realize and create your own solutions. Nicole is such a personable, kind, and compassionate individual. I’ll definitely be reaching out to her again in the future!”


What a wonderful experience she provided! We had nothing to worry about – just to enjoy ourselves. She was so gracious and accommodating. Would recommend to anyone.

Lisa – Catering Client