Welcome! I am so happy you found me, and so excited to take this next step in your journey with you! We are all unique, we are all here to do something special and wholly ‘us’. With that in mind, I have created a means of supporting each of my clients in an individual way. For that reason, you won’t find cookie-cutter readings or boring pre-planned menus. What you will find, is someone looking to hold space and create space. Someone who is here to show, and not tell. Someone who believes in the cycles of Mother Earth, the waxing and waning of the moon, and the importance of eating with the seasons. Whether you are in need of someone to provide you with edible nourishment, or you have questions for which only the divine can provide answers; request a complimentary 15 minute consultation and together we will make a plan unique to you!

“Nicole uses the skills and resources she has to put together tasty, healthy, and simple elegant meals. I would highly recommend her for those looking for a valuable, unique, and enjoyable experience in the Santa Cruz area.”

Deron – Catering Client

“Nicole’s genuine sense of intuition and deep emotional understanding of humankind never ceases to astound, inspire and challenge me. I have overwhelming gratitude for the profound effect she has had on my worldview. This woman has changed the way I live my life.”